A Star Wars Wedding | Linz and James

I love Star Wars, so I was so pleased to be asked to be the wedding photographer for the wedding of Lynz and James. A Star Wars Wedding feast with the brides Dad walking her down the aisle as Obi Wan to the Star Wars title music. Escorted by Stormtroopers to the surprised and delighted Groom James.

The wedding took place the Old Electric Cinema in Birmingham, the oldest working picture house in the UK. The delighted guests were treated to Star Wars visuals on the cinema screen along with popcorn eating Stormtroopers keeping the peace around the vicinity. Outside the venue Star Wars Wedding posters were displayed along with the signage changed to announce the wedding.

James and Lynz had everything Star Wars. Lynz’s nails displayed Darth Vader, C3-PO, Stormtroopers. BB8 also attending the wedding along with Chewbacca who handed out lightsabres the guests, who created a lightsabre arch on the newlyweds exit. The couple created the famous pose of Luke and Leia for the group shot before leaving the venue to go on to the reception. A string quartet were playing various music from the Star Wars Soundtrack on their entrance to a venue full of Star Wars memorabilia.

Venue: The Electric and Fazeley Studios, Birmingham

Star Wars Wedding poster
DSC 3617
DSC 3619
DSC 3648
DSC 3663
DSC 3686
young wedding guest dressed as Han Solo
DSC 3785
Star wars cufflinks
DSC 3791
DSC 3795
DSC 3822
DSC 3836
DSC 3838
DSC 3851
DSC 3854
BB8 wedding guest
Star Wars fingernails
Stormtroopers at a Star Wars Wedding eating popcorn
DSC 3936
lightsabre wedding arch
Happy bride laughing
DSC 3979
DSC 3988
DSC 4003
DSC 4005
DSC 4009
DSC 4017
DSC 4025
Wedding couple with Stormtroopers and Chewie
DSC 4098
Star Wars style pose for bride and groom
DSC 4111
DSC 4114
DSC 4116
DSC 4152
DSC 4162
DSC 4183
DSC 4193
DSC 4205
DSC 4255
DSC 4333
Weddingcouple photos in Digbeth, Birmingham
Linz and James. Lynz wearing awsome Docs
string quartet
Star Wars music
DSC 4429
Star Wars goodies
Star Wars Wedding poster
DSC 4524
Star Wars Wedding toppers
Star Wars Wedding cake

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